Hello, my name is Brendon, and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

My Father who is in his 70’s for years has suffered with an arthritic ankle, which has slowly been getting worse. His local doctors had different views on how to help him but the general consensus was that his best option was pain management, which mainly consisted of the maximum dose of osteo paracetamol and limited mobility.

My father was not happy with this solution, so in May 2015 one of his doctors suggested that he may be a candidate for ankle surgery, this meant finding a specialist and looking into what the operation and recovery were all about. This research proved to be rather challenging with it being very hard to find satisfactory answers for our questions. So in an effort to help the growing number of people who are considering ankle surgery as a possibility for them, I decided to create this website in an effort to provide a clear and complete picture about the procedure.

Hopefully this site will make it easier to find answers to questions you might have.

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